Weight Conversion chart for baking

This weight conversion chart should help you with ounce to cup conversion or cup to gram conversion so that whether you live in the UK or America you will be able to follow my recipes and those of other cooks.

Here in the UK we make use of kitchen scales to weigh out ingredients, in either ounces (imperial) or grams (metric). If you live on the other side of the pond you will more likely use a cup as your unit of measurement.

So how do you know how much of an ingredient to use, if the recipe has been created in the "wrong" measurement system?

Traditional balance kitchen scales

Key to the baking conversion chart

  • oz = ounces
  • g = grams (rounded down to 25g per oz)
  • Ensure you stick to one method of measurement per recipe

Weight Conversion chart

Ingredients Cup Measure Imperial Metric
Almonds, ground 1 4 oz 100g
Almonds, blanched 1 4 oz 100g
Apricots, dried 1 5-6 oz 125-150g
Breadcrumbs, fresh 1 2 oz 50g
Breadcrumbs, Dried 1 4 oz 100g
Butter/Margarine/Cooking fat 1 6 oz 150g
Cherries, glace (candied) 1 8 oz 200g
Chick peas, Dried 1 7 oz 175g
Chocolate chips 1 6 oz 150g
Chopped nuts 1 4 oz 100g
Coconut, desiccated (shredded) 1 3 oz 75g
Cocoa powder 1 4 oz 100g
Cornflour (Cornstarch) 1 4.5 oz 112.5g
Cornmeal 1 5 oz 125g
Currants, sultanas 1 5-6 oz 125-150g
Flour 1 4 oz 100g
Lentils 1 8 oz 200g
Macaroni (uncooked) 1 4 oz 100g
Millet 1 7 oz 175g
Oatmeal 1 4 oz 100g
Oats, Rolled 1 3.5 oz 87.5g
Peas, Dried split, Lentils 1 8 oz 200g
Pine nuts 1 3-4 oz 75-100g
Prunes (unsoaked) 1 6 oz 150g
Raisins 1 5-6 oz 125-150g
Rice, Long grain (uncooked) 1 7 oz 175g
Rice, ground 1 6 oz 150g
Semolina, ground rice, tapioca 1 6 oz 150g
Sugar - Brown 1 (firmly packed) 8 oz 200g
Sugar - Granulated/Castor 1 8 oz 200g
Sugar, Icing (Confectioners) 1 5 oz 125g
Sultanas 1 5-6 oz 125-150g
Tapioca 1 6 oz 150g

Measuring Spoons

There is also a difference between the size of measuring spoons between the UK and USA. Herbs, spices and seasonings are often given in teaspoon (tsp) measures, whereas dried yeast and small amounts of sauces are normally shown as tablespoons, usually abbreviated to "tbsp".


Weight Conversion Chart

One US tablespoon is slightly less than a British one (about 90%). This is only really noticeable once you need about 3 tablespoons of an ingredient, which would be around 2.75 US tablespoons.


There is a bit more difference between UK and US teaspoon measures.

  • 1 UK tsp = .72 US tsp
  • 2 UK tsp = 1.5 US tsp

There are just over 4 UK teaspoons in one US tablespoon.