Cooking vegetables - a guide for new cooks

Having a father with an allotment, means that cooking vegetables, as well as growing, storing, and preparing them has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

There were four of us children and we all had jobs to do when it came to putting food on the table, even from a very young age. We were certainly getting our five a day, long before it was recommended!

I can remember being shown which plants were weeds and which weren't, and the exasperated look from my parents when I got it wrong!

I can also remember picking up the potatoes and putting them in the basket as my Dad went along the row digging up the plants.

Even better, picking pea pods and popping some as I went along the row, enjoying the sweet taste of fresh peas. Oh, and the strawberries! OK, so they aren't vegetables...

If you do grow your own, you will often find that you have more of a particular vegetable than you know what to do with!

A variety of recipes for using them up, such as this warming winter vegetable stew, will prove useful. I have also added instructions for freezing vegetables for later use.

Buying and cooking vegetables

If you are not lucky enough to have a garden in which to grow your own, you can still enjoy fresh vegetables from the shops or markets. Nowadays, there is even more variety available, with produce being brought in from all over the world. You are no longer limited to what is in season locally (although those varieties are often cheapest).

But faced with the vegetable aisles, you might wonder what on earth to do with some of them.

How do you tell if they are fresh, do they need peeling, how long do they take to cook? This section of the site will try to answer your questions. We will soon have you cooking vegetables like a pro!


A luxury vegetable to enjoy in the summer months, fresh asparagus tastes entirely different to that you find in a tin.

Learn how to prepare and cook asparagus, then try a variety of recipes including a lovely soup.

Daikon Radish

A long white root with a peppery taste, also known as mooli. Read about my first experience of daikon radish and how I used it in a tasty vegetable stir fry. 


An essential in any kitchen, mushrooms can be cooked by themselves or used with other ingredients to create recipes such as...


Let's start by looking at the many ways to cook potatoes, such as ..

...and then we will move on to tasty potato recipes from around the world.


A late summer vegetable, learning how to cook zucchini (or courgettes) can be very useful. Not only can it be served as a vegetable but it can also be used in cakes and bread!

Traditionally used in ratatouille you will find many more zucchini recipes on this web site. Why not try a delicate soup for example?


This page will be regularly updated as I add more pages about cooking vegetables to the site. You may wish to bookmark it and come back to visit often.


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