Cooking charts and lists to help you

The place to come for handy cooking charts and lists to save you time and money!

Many cookery books assume prior knowledge and therefore omit a lot of useful information that could help you when learning how to cook for the first time. I have gathered this information for you and you can access it by following the links below.

Weights and measures

The Internet is a wonderful place for finding recipes but it can also be confusing.

Depending on where you live, you could use a different way of measuring the ingredients when cooking. For example here in the UK we tend to weigh most dry ingredients  on kitchen scales. However, recipes from the US are created for cooks using cup measures. 

If you find a tempting recipe that doesn't use the measuring system with which you are familiar, this weight conversion chart will still enable you to cook up a successful meal.  

Essential ingredients

Building a basic store cupboard will enable you to produce meals quickly and easily. Every cook will have their own favorite ingredients to add to this core list, but it will get you started. So what makes up a well stocked pantry?

As there are so many varieties on offer, I have created a separate list of herbs and spices that are great additions to any kitchen.  You can also find out when to use them and what foods they complement. 

Oven temperature conversion chart

Ovens on each side of the "pond" tend to use a different system. In the US it is common to see Farenheit temperatures whereas in the UK electric ovens mainly use Centrigrade. Then again if you cook by Gas yet another set of numbers is used. 

If the recipe you want to use gives the "wrong" one this oven temperature conversion chart will help you work out how to set the right heat.

Safe meat cooking temperatures

It is important to ensure the internal temperature of meat reaches the required level for safety reasons.

This table gives the minimum temperatures for various types of meat and how to test that it is cooked.