Is it time for you to learn to cook?

Have you...

  • Just left home?
  • Gone off to university?
  • Taken on a ready-made family?
  • Reversed your roles?
  • Lost your job?
  • Been recently bereaved?

Learn how to cook and that eliminates one obstacle from these stressful scenes.  

A tasty, healthy meal that won't break the budget is a great start. Add in comfort food and seasonal treats for good measure,

Starting with the basics, here you will learn how to cook everyday ingredients, such as eggs. Then how to combine them into a satisfying meal.

Need to check up on oven temps, weights and measures, or what herbs go with what meals? The cooking charts page is the place to start.

I will help you build up a well stocked pantry or store cupboard, so that all the essential ingredients are to hand.

Easy to use recipes

Most of my recipes will serve two people, but you can double up if you have a family to feed. 

Have you found that many recipe books assume you understand the "jargon"?  What if you don't know your terrine from your ramekin? Turn to the cooking glossary for help.

Cooking in bulk, and freezing the rest, can save you time. So I will give instructions for packaging and storing your food in the freezer, and how to reheat it later.

What equipment will you need?

Kitchen tools, equipment and gadgets can prove expensive. I will talk you through the must haves, nice to haves and the can-do-withouts.

After all, if money is tight you don't want to waste it on gadgets that are used once and then pushed to the back of the cupboard never to be seen again!

Need to check up on oven temps, weights and measures, or what herbs go with what foods? The cooking charts page is the place to start.

So why are you waiting? Let's learn to cook!

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