Make ahead meals - Packed Lunches

by Jenny Puddy
(Hertfordshire, UK)

For me, moving out of home and discovering cooking was definitely trial and error... I did however soon find the delight in make ahead meals, but rather than prepping raw food for cooking that night (and I didn't have crock pot, it's now on my Birthday gift list) I discovered that a lot of food doesn't taste bad cold.

I therefore used to cook for two (I lived on my own at the time), and I would dish two meals, or sometimes three (!) up. I would eat mine as intended, and keep one overnight in the fridge for my packed lunch at work the next day. It certainly beat the tiresome "same sandwich syndrome" that I used to detest!

If I had been over vigorous with my veggies though, and had cooked enough for 3 meals, the third I used to put in the freezer, labelled, ready for when I had no money left, or fancied the dish :D

Worked wonders for me. I'm now married, with children of my own, so with a husband and son as mobile dustbins, I don't get the chance to use these skills anymore. Perhaps I should just be pleased that they like my cooking! Lol.

Anyway hope this is some use to some of the new first time cooks out there.

All the best

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